Incredible India: What to expect on a trip to this Exotic Land.

With arguably one of the most reserved, conservative and traditional cultures in the world, India is a top travel spot and a bucket list destination for many avid travellers. It is known as a melting pot of cultures, heritage and cuisines. What is marvellous about this country is how diverse the different regions are with history and language. The country is unified in its own unique way and has a wonderfully chaotic sort of peace that brews somewhere under all the hustle and bustle of its metropolitan cities. 

The top destinations to visit in India are all so vastly different from each other and have so much culture and history behind them. Vibrant colours, food to die for and most importantly- kind-hearted people. The people of India are warm and generous at heart and this is by far the most noticeable trait that you will notice throughout the states of the country. Despite the chaos, colours and magic, there’s space for deep and soul-touching spirituality. This country has produced countless spiritual leaders in the past and has many locations within it that breathes an aura that can move something within you. 


With this brief intro to this country in mind, let’s look at some places you can visit:


  1. Mumbai: If you want to see the glamorous, cosmopolitan and Bollywood-esque side of India, Mumbai is the place to be. It has everything for everyone. The coastal city is home to uber-wealthy entrepreneurs and celebs alike so you will never be too far from five-star dining or lodging. The very famous Marine Drive is a sight to behold and will make you feel special in its awe-inspiring presence. However, there is another more authentic side to Mumbai. Places like “thieves market” as well the Churchgate railway station will give you a look into exactly why they call Mumbai the “city that never sleeps”.
  2. Rajasthan: The literal translation of Rajasthan is “Land of the Kings” and rightly so. This state is home to many Kings and princely men who are inheritors of riches that have been passed down through generations and is a reminder of their ancestor’s glorious past. There are many palaces, forts and festivals to check out while here. Jaipur has been the top place to visit in Rajasthan for a long time. The iconic pink architecture, City Palace and even the jewellery sold here add up to an interesting overall experience. While Udaipur is still home to the Royal Family even today, Jaisalmer has yellow sandstone constructions that will amaze you to no end. All in all, this rustic, desert state has a lot to offer to a curious traveller. 
  3. Rishikesh: Rishikesh has been a spiritually curious traveller’s main destination for hundreds of years. This town is located at the base of the famous Himalayas and on the banks of the Ganga river. It is a centre for yoga, spirituality and pilgrimages of various kinds. We welcome you to absorb the spiritual energies that this place is steeped in. Take in the sounds of the temple bells and enjoy the quiet solitude that this town brings. This town also has two suspension bridges that are a sight to behold. 
  4. Agra: Home to one of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal. This monument alone motivates millions of visitors to India every year who yearn to see this wondrous piece of architecture in its awe-inspiring proportions. This city is filled with Mughal buildings like Itimad-ud-Daulah’s Tomb and Akbar’s Mausoleum. Another UNESCO World Heritage site to check out is the Agra Fort. With these many attractions in one place, this city is a must-visit for any traveller. 


There you have it; those were our top 4 places to visit in India on your next trip to this exotic land. Have fun and travel safe.

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