Cyprus- A Mini-Guide to the city of Paphos

A good rule of thumb to keep while travelling the expanses of Cyprus is to bask in the beaches and nature that the country has to offer. Paphos offers both these things in abundance. Paphos is based in the west coast of the country and is known to be a small but beautiful town with amazing beaches and loads of activities that happen here. Aside from being known as the capital of culture for the whole of Europe, this town has a very famous tour called the Akamas Peninsula Jeep Tour. 


Here are some packing and travelling tips for Paphos:

  1. When visiting Paphos, it is highly recommended to fly into Paphos Airport which is ten minutes away from the town. Larnaca is the more popular airport but the drive to Paphos is 2 hours too long and we don’t suggest you do that. 
  2. While packing you need to keep in mind that Cyprus is one of the warmest locations in all of Europe. In the summer it gets extremely hot. Sunscreens are highly recommended if you plan on participating in outdoor activities. Other than this, ensure that you pack loose, cotton clothing that will help your skin breathe in the hot climate. 


Cyprus as a whole is somewhat divided into two: the North and the South. The North part is occupied by Turkey and the South is controlled by the UN.


What to do in Paphos:

Paphos is a small town situated on the West Coast of the Mediterranean Sea and therefore is home to one of the world’s most picturesque sunsets over water ever. Eating lunch outside at a place that has a view of the waterfront is highly recommended. The beaches are amazing and many people come to Paphos to do a tour of the town. 


The Akamas Peninsula Jeep Tour:

The Akamas Peninsula has many spots that are accessible only by jeep and are drastic climbs and sometimes steep. It is totally worth it however, since the reward of the views more than makeup for the difficult journey.


Here are some stops in the Akamas Tour that you could visit on your own as well:

  1. Aphrodite’s Rock: This spot is not technically on the Akamas Peninsula. It is a 20 minute drive from Akamas and is one of the world’s most famous mythological spots. It is said that Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love was born here. A popular myth in this region says that you will earn eternal beauty and youth if you swim around these rocks three times. This is not recommended however, since the water currents are rough and dangerous. This place is a must-visit if you go to Paphos or even Cyprus in general. 
  2. Baths of Aphrodite: This is the mythological site where it is said that the Goddess Aphrodite used to take her baths. Another legend states that if you take a bath in these waters, it will restore your fertility. However, entering these waters are forbidden these days. 
  3. Blue Lagoon: It is known for its clear waters and boat tours that get you close to the beautiful blue waters. This is the perfect place to spend some time relaxing. 
  4. Cypriol Bakery: This is a well-known bakery in Polis, Cyprus. The baked goods here are so good and are unbelievably good to taste. We recommend going for some chocolate and sandwiches as it will also help on the road trip. 
  5. Lara Bay: Now this place looks like any other beach at first glance, but upon further observation, you will find that it is home to a turtle conservatory station. You can learn about the endangered species of turtles that live here and their history. If you visit Cyprus in the summer, you will get to see them in their hatching season. On the off-season you will get to see where the eggs are stored on the beach and learn more about the system. 


So there you have it. That has been our Mini-Guide to Paphos in Cyprus. We hope you found it useful and travel safe. 

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