A Quick Guide to Paris, France.


Playwrights, artists, musicians and lovers have all spoken about the magic of Paris and we can’t blame them- it’s quite easy to fall in love with Paris. It is a city that exemplifies class, style and culture all at once. It is definitely a city which matches it’s own preceding reputation. 


Paris is a huge city and has hundreds of years of history. It is quite difficult to visit all of Paris in one visit but one can definitely try their best to cover as much of it as they possibly can. With the popular spots to visit being the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Sainte Chapelle, here are some places to visit and things to do that aren’t as popular but just as amazing an experience as the ones mentioned above: 


  1. Visit Notre Dame: This Gothic piece of art was sculpted at around 1163. Climbing from the north tower to the south will allow you to see the Gallery of Chimeras and beautiful beasts and birds over the balustrade. While the outside of the place has been cleaned up, the inside still has the ancient look. 
  2. The View from the Montmartre: This place has birthed some of the world’s best artists in history and offers a stunning view of Paris, cobblestone streets and artsy cafes. It is a mix of modern Paris with old grandeur. It is a great place to visit the same places that famous artists used to hang out at!
  3.  Visit the Jardin Du Luxembourg: This is the largest public park in Paris and contains hundreds of statues, fountains and monuments spread throughout its area. During the mornings you will see joggers and the afternoons are all about picnics when the glorious sun is out. 
  4. Experience Bastille Day: On July 14th, there are a set of events in Paris that celebrates the storming of Bastille during the French Revolution. A huge parade is televised and there are many fireworks to see. This is Independence Day for France and one of the most beautiful things to experience in all of France. 
  5. Visit Maison du Victor Hugo: This is the personal apartment of famous writer Victor Hugo who wrote Les Miserables and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It dates back to 1605 and he moved here when he was 30 years old. This apartment is now a museum dedicated to his life and times. It is a small museum but lovers of the writer will find it very interesting. It is open everyday of the week except Mondays and it is free to visit.
  6. Dive into the Catacombs of Paris: Under the city of Paris you will find a maze of tunnels. The French resistance used these very tunnels during the second World War and during the 90s, there were innumerable parties held here. Within these tunnels lay the Catacombs of Paris. You can find old burial sites of the city here. It is one of the most amazing sites of Paris that often goes unnoticed by visiting tourists. 
  7. Visit the Tombstones: Pere-Lachaise Graveyard is arguably Paris’ most popular cemetery. It has an aura that’s eerily daunting but beautiful regardless. It is home to the graves of many famous people including Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison. 
  8. Memorial de la Shoah: This is an exhibit on France and the Holocaust. The information here is quite in-depth and covers a lot of history. It is highly detailed and comes highly recommended as a place to visit to see the history that took place in this land. 
  9. Do a Walking Tour: Since there are plenty of tour guides and advisors that cover different sides to Paris, it can be hard to cover ground perfectly when it comes to Paris as a city. Walking Tours are quite worth it since they will take you through Paris and show you the historical overview and depth of the city. Here you will get specialised tours and skip the line to big places that have queues of people waiting to get in, like the Louvre.  


These have been our best places to visit in Paris. We hope you enjoy your travel to this beautiful city and travel safely. 

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