5 great burgers to get in Europe

5 places to get a great burger in Europe

Great burgers in Europe exist. There’s something about travelling the whole of Europe that makes you wonder what the burger from the place you’re visiting would be like. Are the burgers here bigger? Are they thicker? Are the burgers here going to fulfil your craving for quick carbs? These are the right questions that need to be asked and while you’re asking them, you can plan your visit to the next burger store to try! Here are 5 great stops to make on your journey so you get some amazing adventures mixed with amazing burgers


A Burger

Snooze- Luxembourg

Some of the best burgers in Europe are found here. You might want to consider abandoning the traditional route as these burgers are seriously big. Just go knife and fork this time.

Tall Burger

Tall Burger


Alfredo’s Barbacoa- Madrid, Spain

Burgers that come out looking this good should be illegal. One of the great burgers in Europe, we hope you find this dish as enticing as we did.

Spanish burger

Spanish burger

Illegal Burger- Norway

This burger has received amazing reviews worldwide and even critics have nothing to say when the burger hijacks their taste buds.

Illegal burger in Norway

Illegal burger

Franky’s Kitchen- Sweden

This list is already spreading far and thin across Europe and Franky’s is highly recommended. After starting out as a small shop, word got around that Franky was making burgers that satiated you like no other. That’s what makes this a great choice for a burger in Europe.

Picture of a Burger

Picture of a Burger


Burgers and Hip Hop- Germany

Now, this is a recommendation that’s more motivated by the experience and less by the palate. Burgers and Hip Hop celebrates two great things and there are no prizes for guessing what they are. Enjoy the burgers and the music!

Burgers for Days

We hope our recommendations help you with a delicious experience or even help as a pitstop on your road trip across Europe. Just remember, it’s not about the size of the burger, it’s all about the crunch.

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