Turkish pots are one of the best gifts to buy from Turkey. They have beautiful designs and are made by the local potters.

Gifts to buy from Turkey

5 Gifts to buy from Turkey


So you’ve planned your trip to Turkey. Everything is set- the flight, the sights, the food and the experiences. Now the only thing left to do is bring a few souvenirs from Istanbul for your loved ones back home. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Read further to find out what to buy in Turkey on your next trip to this beautiful country.


Turkish Lamps:

Turkish Lamps are found all over the country and is the perfect gift for a loved one considering how light-weight and easy it is to transport. They help portray the artistic history of the country in some ways. This will become evident to you as the hardest decision to make while choosing a lamp will not be regarding the price, but rather choosing between the beautiful designs. All in all, this is a no-brainer when it comes to being one of the best gifts to buy from Turkey.  

This is a lamp used everywhere in Turkey. The lamp has beautiful designs and acts as a light source. It is one of the best gifts to buy from Turkey.

Turkish Lamp

Turkish Lamp

Turkish Evil Eye:

The Turkish evil eye or Nazar Boncuğu is by far one of the most popular souvenirs from Istanbul. It is believed that keeping the glass adorned with the evil eye painted on it will ward off evil intent. Nazar which means look refers to the look of evil, disdain or jealousy that an ill wisher might have towards you. This small and affordable souvenir is a must buy in Turkey.

 The Turkish evil eye is a famous souvenir from Turkey that is said to ward off evil from the user

Turkish evil eye

The Turkish Evil Eye


Turkish Leather Goods:

It’s easier to buy good quality leather goods from turkey than most other places in Europe. Keep that in mind if purchasing a few leather products and a trip to Turkey might coincide with each other on your calendar. Everything from wallets to belts and purses can be found in the markets. So make a mental note to check them as it is one of the best things to buy in Istanbul’s grand bazaar.

Turkish Leather Bags

Turkish Leather Goods



Clay Pots from Avanos:

The small town of Avanos is known for its exquisite pots that have a distinct style. They make an unconventional choice for a choice as one of the gifts to buy from Turkey, but definitely a beautiful one. If that wasn’t enough, potters in the region also welcome you to try your own hand at pottery, an experience that’ll make the trip memorable. 

Turkish Pots

Turkish Pots

Turkish Rugs: 

We saved the super conventional for last for two reasons: you’ve been offered a rug a couple of times already if you’ve landed in Turkey and they’re not light on the pockets. Authentic Turkish rugs are beautiful and can be used for their intended purpose as well as to hang on a wall for the aesthetic. Just be aware of fraudulent, Chinese rugs that flooded the market a few years ago. Also, there are more affordable alternatives for the real thing. Consider asking smaller versions of the rug, they might save you money. 

Turkish pots are one of the best gifts to buy from Turkey. They have beautiful designs and are made by the local potters.

Turkish Rugs

Turkish Rugs



So there you have it

A small list of souvenirs that you can consider when asking yourself what to buy in Turkey.

A souvenir is a token that you bring back with you to cherish your memories. A token that brings a rush of emotions every time you see it tucked in a corner of your house. But most importantly, it gives your loved ones a chance to live your travels vicariously through you. We hope you enjoyed our small list, and we hope you enjoy your trip to Turkey! Until next time, çok uzun.

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